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Raw Organic Carob Syrup

Product Description

To make the raw organic carob syrup, Fratelli Ferrante selects the carob pods from their trees which grow luxuriantly in a totally natural way.

The carob syrup is the product of a low temperature concentration and extraction (about 55 degrees Celsius) with water and carob pods. Fratelli Ferrante’s source of inspiration is the typical “Vin Cotto” (literally “cooked wine”) but, unlike the traditional recipe, the carob is never cooked at high temperatures. This process avoids the sugar to become caramel and allows to obtain an intense aroma of carob.

Recommendation for use: excellent on ice cream or yogurt. If paired with raw meats or as a glaze, it gives immense satisfaction. Pairing with aged cheeses is strongly recommended. It can be the secret ingredient for cocktails with a unique character.

Good base for vinaigrette, citronette or oriental and American-inspired sauces.

Weight: 100ml.

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