Bilje Borča

PHYTODIABET – Herbal tea for facilitating blood sugar control

Product Description

PhytoDiabet is intended to fight diabetes and strengthen the body with the healing effects of this tea mixture. PhytoDiabet works by helping metabolic processes and cleansing the body of harmful substances. In this way, it contributes to the regulation of sugar and fat levels in the blood, revitalization and strengthening of a weakened organism. Tea is recommended for people suffering from a mild form of diabetes as a natural remedy that helps regulate the increased concentration of glucose in the blood. Composition: Bunch of herbs (Centaurii herba), Nettle leaf (Urticae folium), Beans (Phaesoli pericarpum), Dandelion leaf (Taraxaci folium), Lemon balm leaf (Melissae folium), Blueberry leaf (Myrtilli folium), Watercress herb (Cichorii herba), Black mulberry leaf (Mori nigrae folium).

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