Patharchatadi Swaras (Stone Cracker Juice)

Product Description

Are you looking for a natural technique to dissolve kidney stones? No need to look any further! Krishna’s Patharchadi Swaras – Stone Cracker Juice aids in the natural breakdown of kidney stones and their ejection through the urinary system. This juice entails about 12 superficial herbs including Pashan Bedh, Varun Chal, Amla, Vasha, Kutki, Gokharu, Brahmi, Harad, Baheda, Chirayata, Giloy, and Neem.

Breaks Down Kidney Stones
With the regular consumption of Krishna’s Patharchadi Swaras, the amount of acetic acid nutrient boosts up that assists in dissolving kidney stones. All the herbs when combined together maintain an overall healthy condition aiding in relieving kidney related problems. Once the kidney stone starts breaking down, it converts into very small pieces that can be easily discharged naturally through urination.

Kidney Stone Of Various Sizes Can Be Removed
Krishna’s Patharchatadi Swaras can help dissolve kidney stones of size nature of 5mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm,and above 20 mm also can be removed. Several sizes of stone i.e. 5 to 15mm can be easily broken down and ejected within the 15 days of consuming Krishna’s Stone Cracker Juice. Whereas, treating stones of other sizes may be time-consuming depending on the problems faced and the nature of stone.

Cleansing Urinary Bladder & Tract
Urinary bladder and tract can be easily cleansed by staying hydrated and getting enough vitamin C. The vast composition of Krishna’s Patharchatadi Swaras aids in possessing various nutrients, vitamins, and proteins. Further, Krishna’s Stone Cracker Juice is enriched with Vitamin C and it also helps you stay hydrated. Ultimately, cleansing the urinary bladder and tract.

A Blend Of 12 Superficial Natural Herbs
Krishna’s Stone Cracker Juice is equally composed using 12 superficial natural herbs. Thereby, the juice possess high nutrients, vitamins, and proteins. Giloy, Amla, and Neem is highly rich in Vitamin C, whereas Harad, Baheda, and Pashan Bedh adds minerals like iron, manganese, copper, selenium, and more. Also, other herbs equally contribute to the composition of various qualities. All these combinedly act as one and serve in treating kidney stones in a natural way.

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