Organic Mustard Oil (Cold Pressed)


Product Description

Detox your body with every meal using our natural, organic mustard oil, which is extracted using the traditional cold-pressed method that preserves rich nutrients, flavour and aroma of the oil for maximum effectiveness. Rich in Vitamin E, antioxidants, nutrients, making mustard oil great for immunity and the heart, also helps inhibit the growth of particular fungi, bacteria, and microbes. It also relieves arthritis, bronchitis & pneumonia symptoms and helps reduce inflammation and alleviate cold symptoms.

An edible oil that’s versatile, that can also be used as hair oil or for skincare. Made from fresh seeds which give Azafran Mustard Cold-pressed oil a deep mustard flavour. It delivers many nutritional benefits, along with the deep natural aroma of this pure cold-pressed oil will surely convince you to grab a bottle!

Give yourself a healthier tomorrow, switch today to Azafran Organic Mustard Oil that’s better for you & Mother Earth too!

We are Certified  Organic, Vegan, cruelty-free and all-natural. All our products are made with carefully sourced ingredients for effective, targeted action and a conscious lifestyle for you and your loved ones.

Note: High smoke point, makes it an effective product for frying and sautéing food

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