Organic Coriolus Versicolor

Organic Coriolus Versicolor

Product Description

Coriolus mushroom also called Yun Zhi. Yun Zhi means Cloud Mushroom in Chinese, its formal botanical name is Coriolus versicolor. Its active ingredients are PSK and PSP.

• Improve immune function
• Anti-inflammatory
• Resistance to atherosclerosis
• Clear heat and toxic
• Protect the liver

• health care products ingredient
• Functional food ingredient
• Pharmaceutical industry


Natural Ingredients, Healthy Life.
Naturalin is a professional and leading enterprise focusing on mushroom cultivation, processing and marketing. All our mushroom extracts, mushroom powders. Most of Naturalin mushroom products have been authenticated as organic quality with the certificates of USDA organic, EU organic as well as Kosher check. Please feel free to contact us for your any concerns.

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