No Fragrance Natural Soap Bar

Product Description

A Favourite With Those Desiring  a No Fragrance Natural Soap Bar

Those with delicate skin can relax knowing that this soap bar has no essential oils.

Discover the pure naturalness of this bar. Intensely soothing, nourishing and hydrating. Proven non-irritating and hydrating. Revitalize your skin to its natural glow and hydration levels. Mild enough to use on your face. Suited for the most sensitive skin. Effective on very dry and damaged skin types.

And why is our soap so mild?

And why is our No Fragrance Natural Soap Bar so mild? It’s because we use a cold process. This retains the properties of our natural-based ingredients.

A great top-toe-product

If you suffer from skin sensitivities, it is pointless to use a no fragrance bar on the body, and then a fragrance and synthetic-laden shampoo. Our bar is an ideal top-to-toe product. Think about it. Cleanse hair and skin with one no-fragrance product.

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