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Naturo® Natural-Health Swietenia Mahogany King Seed in Capsule

Product Description

Swietenia Mahogany King Seed is grown in the Solomon Islands, the least polluted, cleanest natural environment in the South Pacific Ocean.

It is considered as “the Queen of Plant” due to its rich contents of 33 types of Flavonoids and 27 types of Saponins, much higher bioactive contents than similar plant family such as Ginseng.

The company uses only premium quality specially selected 100% natural organic Swietenia Mahogany King Seeds. It does not contain any other chemical additives. It is produced with high tech sterilization, thus with no harmful chemical side effects.

Mahogany Seeds in Capsule is 3:1 processed with advanced technology in Singapore under GMP Good Manufacturing Practice certification using the premium quality King Seed mixed with extracted powder..

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