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My Land Organic Greek Thyme From Mount Olympus (50g – 1.76oz)

Product Description

A WIDE RANGE OF USES: This versatile herb has been used by people for 100s of years for its potent taste properties. A combination of carvacrol and thymol within the plant acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory while protecting your body from infections.

WITHOUT ADDITIVES: We gently hand-pick our herbs to avoid any damage caused by large machinery so you can enjoy whole leaves packed full of flavor. Once picked the Thyme is slow-dried using traditional methods free from chemical sprays or additives that mass farms often use to speed up the process. By employing these methods we are able to produce Thyme that’s bright in color and bursting with fragrance.

HANDPICKED IN SMALL BATCHES AND PACKED FRESH FOR YOU: Our bunches are crafted in small batches to provide you with a consistent flavor. By keeping our sourcing on a smaller scale we are able to ensure stringent quality control through all of our products. Our Thyme is then cut into very small pieces free from any stems or strings for your cooking pleasure. In order to ensure the herbs remain fresh – we package with convenient resealable bags.

A TASTE OF THE MEDITERRANEAN: Thyme is a key element in Greek cuisine with a powerful flavor and fragrance. It is used in traditional dishes across Europe but is especially delectable when combined with olive oil or a tomato base. Add a little to your marinades and vignettes or sprinkle a dash onto any meat to experience the aroma of its flavorful essential oils. This lovely herb pairs perfectly with garlic and basil or a pinch of thyme.

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