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My Land Organic Greek Chamomile Tea from Mt Olympus, 1.41oz

Product Description

The Ultimate Anti-Oxidant Greek Chamomile Tea
With its strong antioxidant properties Greek chamomile herbal tea helps aiding digestion, improving immunity, relaxing and anxiety. Its efficacy increases if consumed while starting your day or winding down after an intense workout.

Our Greek Tea is made from the dried flowers, leaves, and stems of the chamomile herb. It is grown and hand-picked from the slopes of Mount Olympus in the traditional ways so as to preserve its wonderful natural flavor and nutrition. Our 100% organic and naturally caffeine-free tea is a great option for your day.

Exhilarate Your Senses with its Taste & Aroma
Smooth and deliciously appealing, our organic Olympus herbal tea is an ideal companion for cold winter days. It is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols for improving health and mood alike. Honey, lemon, or cinnamon can be added depending on the individual’s taste. Its sweet, floral and earthy aroma brings happiness and ecstasy to the senses. Great as iced tea.

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