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Mitti Attar is prepared from the baked earth of River Ganges. The mitti attar is soft, nurturing & soothing. This attar can be used alone as well as in blends with other attars. Its aroma is similar to that when rain drops strike the earth in summer season.
Mitti Attar: Earthy, organic scent that captures the purest scent of fallen rain. Extracted using Compressed Carbon Dioxide (Co2) powerful and pure without a trace of heavy-metal contaminants.
Ethically Obtained, Sustainably Harvested, and 100 Natural.
Mitti Attar is baked earth from the Ganges River hydro-distilled in to pure sandalwood oil. It is the scent of the earth and expresses a grounded physicality, this is a smell with depth and nuance. Its a wonderful fragrance for men. On men and women alike, Mitti Attar bestows therapeutic benefits and encourages expansive and rhythmic breathing, restoring a sense of deep and abiding calm that revitalizes the nervous system.

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