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Menthol Crystals

Product Description

Botanical Name : Mentha arvensis
Common Method Of Extraction : Cold extraction
Parts Used : Mint oil
Note Classification : Top
Aroma : Cooling, refreshing, and have a pleasantly strong minty aroma
The crystals are extracted through cold extraction using oil of mint
Chemical Composition
5-methyl-2-(1-methylethyl) cyclohexanol, L-Menthol
Essential Oil Information
The essential oil comes with CAS number of 2216-51-5 and in white color in crystalline finish and strong camphor-like mint tones. It has solubility in alcohol & essential oils and is not soluble in water. Further, the oil has specific gravity of 0.89, optical rotation of -49°C To 51°C and refractive index of 1.46.
Oil Properties
Menthol Crystals are produced through mint (mentha arvensis) essential oil and are made available in solid constituent finish that carries distinctive smell of mint. The process includes subjecting distilled oil to temperatures of -22° C that allows menthol to crystallize in satiny crystals form with original liquor removed while low temperatures are maintained.
Menthol crystals find use in pharma as well as in cosmetic industry and is also used as element in production of medicated creams, throat lozenges, salves, balms, mouthwash, foot sprays, body cooling products, shaving creams, cooling gels and others.
Therapeutic Properties
It helps in providing relief from coughing, congestion, muscular pain, flu as well as upper respiratory track issues.
Blends Well With
Alcohol and mostly all essential oils.
Menthol crystals originate from process involving mint essential oil extraction and are available in clear/white color as well as in solid finish form. Melting in alcohol, oil and essential oil, these have cooling as well as refreshing properties with strong mint perfume finish. Some arrears where these are preferably used in include in perfumes, analgesic balms, shampoos & conditioners. Further, it is also used in products to provide relief from coughing, muscular aches, respiratory issues.
Menthol Crystals are the aromatic chemicals that should be advised, not to taken internally without consultation from qualified aromatherapy practitioner. This should be avoided during pregnancy and does not applied undiluted on the skin.
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