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Mangiferin is an active ingredient extracted from herbs with antiviral activity, especially against Herpes (Causing mouth sores or sores in the groin and genitals), foot water; Varicella zoster (causes chickenpox, heat rash), Sitomegalo virus.

At the same time, Mangiferin is also effective in treating fungal diseases such as ezema, cracked heels and interstitial limbs.

According to research, clinical trials and applications over the past 40 years by Russian scientists at the Vilar Institute of Medicinal Materials, Mangiferin limits the effects of viruses from the very beginning of the development cycle and is regulated right from the inside / outside the cell.  It restricts the growth of the virus both inside the cell so it disrupts viral replication.

VIMEDIMEX Tay Ninh Company has successfully extracted Mangiferin on an industrial scale and manufactured a number of pharmaceutical products for consumption in the domestic market as well as for export such as MANGINOVIM external use solution, and MANGINOVIM sanitizing solution.

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