Basilur Tea

Love Story – Volume I

Product Description

Open your heart to a new beginning of love, romance and unforgettable memories with this amazing blend of “Love Story Volume I” presented to you by Basilur. Pure Ceylon Green Leaf Tea together with natural sunflower, cornflower and the sweet flavour of Bergamot will add an extra spark and create natural chemistry between you and your loved one. This “Love Story” tea book is a gift that could be given with love. A gift that will say many more words than you could express. Share the warmth of this delightful tea as you snuggle during chilly winter nights, or as you watch the sunset during an enchanting evening in the summer. Create memories that will last a lifetime while you satisfy your senses with a warm cup of this magical tea. This gift of love presented by Basilur is a perfect gift, a perfect blend and a perfect message of love with Ceylon’s finest tea and Basilur’s unmatched expertise.

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