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Lime Tree Flowers Wholesale ( Tilia x europaea )

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Lime tree flowers, also known as Linden flowers in North America, have a long and rich history dating as far back as ancient Rome. This species should not be confused with the lime tree – which is responsible for producing the lime fruit.

Lime Tree Flowers’ health benefits

Ancient folklore says the Linden tree was a symbol of friendship, and many centuries ago the judicial meetings of the Germanic people were held under this tree, as it was believed to unearth the truth. But they also have a wide-ranging and comprehensive use within traditional medicine.

It’s no surprise that these delicate flowers were known as ‘nectar of kings’ – within their petals they hold many health benefits that can still be incorporated into modern alternative medicines. They have been used for hundreds of years to treat sleep disorders, anxiety and help soothe depression, as they are renowned for their antidepressant, sedative and relaxant qualities. In cases of coughs, colds and flu they are frequently used as both an expectorant (to shift mucus) and a diaphoretic (to induce sweating and break a fever).

The blossom contains mucilage, which is known to reduce the production of mucus and soothe irritated throat membranes. Its bounty of antioxidant flavonoids and anti-inflammatory compounds can reduce typical symptoms seen in colds and flu. The mucilage content also has another health benefit – it can line the digestive tract, enabling the smooth movement of food through the body.

Its sedative qualities come from the essential oil farnesol. This oil helps to relax the cardiovascular system bringing stress back under control. Stories have it that lime flower tea was a popular hot brew among World War II soldiers to help them feel calm, while the doctors of this period were known to use it as an herbal tranquilliser.

Lime Tree Flowers for perfume

Lime tree flowers are not only in hot demand from herbalists but also from perfumers. The scent from the blossom is intoxicating – where there is a lime tree, you’ll likely find a swarm of bees attracted to the scent. In the world of perfumery, linden is known as ‘tilleul’ and it can be extracted from the dried flowers. It’s a sweet, honeyed fragrance that is used in a number of high-profile scents.

Lime Tree Flowers from a source you can trust

At Joseph Flach & Sons we’ve been proudly trading for over 100 years and in that time have built up an enviable network of high-quality producers. We can supply a wide range of brewing herbs, essential oils and wholesale botanicals – including lime tree flowers.  Our extensive product list is supported by outstanding customer service to ensure that every customer becomes a life-long customer and is provided with the necessary support and knowledge when they need it.  We supply bulk quantities for wholesale orders in original bags and containers.


  • Lime Tree Flowers Cut – Botanical name: Tilia argentea

  • Lime Tree Flowers Whole – Botanical name: Tilia europaea / Tilia argenteae, sp.

Please note that many botanicals come in different forms and grades which may determine or improve their suitability for certain applications. At Joseph Flach & Sons we carry a large range of products in various forms and grades. Please do check with our experts if you require a specific grade or form and they will be delighted to help you.

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