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Lime Flower (Linden)

Product Description

Lime flower, from the large deciduous tree common in parks, has antioxidant properties that fight toxins in the body. The flower has the effect of increasing the blood flow to the skin, encouraging perspiration and hence cooling. The symptoms of cold and flu are lessened by drinking lime flowers, or linden as it is also known. Limeflower infusion soothes coughs and sore throats and reduces congestion. It can be used as a gargle. Lime flowers are a safe way to promote relaxation and helps relieve headaches and restlessness, especially amongst children.

Linden infusion is known as the ‘nectar of kings’ for its health benefits and lime trees were placed in towns by the Romans as they were known for their calming effects. They slow heart rate and reduce blood pressure. The flowers of lime trees are highly sought-after by bee-keepers for the quality of honey they produce so it is no surprise that lime flower makes a pleasantly fragrant, honeyish-tasting infusion with no bitterness. Use one teaspoon per cup and infuse for five minutes.

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