Honey Vinegar

Product Description

Organic Honey Vinegar is a product of substance characterized by its uniquely peculiar aroma and taste. It is made from our Silver Fir Honey from the mountain region of Gorski Kotar. In this unusual preparation process, the honey wine rich in minerals, undergoes the treatment of acetic fermentation assisted by organic apple vinegar. After at least 48 months of resting and maturing under special conditions, it results in a healthy, natural, energetic delight, making for an exquisite seasoning.

When diluted with water, with an addition of an appropriate honey, is an ideal morning energetic and anti-cholesterol beverage. As a diet cocktail, it’s intended to be used before having a meal. Furthermore, it is effective in case of fatigue, high blood pressure, underperforming immune system and stands as a natural aphrodisiac. In order to further elevate upon the rhapsody of natural aromas, we enrich it with the addition of organically grown fresh basil, garlic, rosemary or laurel (seasonal discrepancy applies).

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