HOGA Indulgence Tea 20 sachets

Product Description

Drink to your moods or based on the occasion with friends or family around. HOGA Indulgence Tea is a special blend of HOGA Tea and other nutritious crude ingredients created to give a unique flavour and to enhance the goodness of HOGA Tea. A cup of HOGA Indulgence Tea daily will sustain your active lifestyle in a holistic manner as it is a catalyst to enhance multiple body functions. Stay young and beautiful every day.

Content : 20 sachets (4 sachets each flavour)

Packaging : Individual sachet

Flavours :
Refreshing – HOGA Tea, Roselle, Osmanthus, Screwpines
A great tasting refreshing blend of HOGA Refreshing Indulgence tea brings you a renew flagging energy levels and revive a tired mind.

Energizing – HOGA Tea, American Ginseng, Chrysanthemum
Feeling lethargic after a sleepless or tiring day? Drink a cup of HOGA Energizing tea will give you a boost throughout the day.

Relaxing – HOGA Tea, Goji berry, Chrysanthemum
Feel calm and relax after a long tiring day with a cup of hot and aromatic HOGA Relaxing Indulgence tea.

Detoxing – HOGA Tea, Bitter Gourd, Red Dates, Screwpines, Rock Sugar
HOGA detoxing Indulgence tea offers added benefits to your drink which helps to cleanse your body in a natural way.

Appetizing – HOGA Tea, Hawthorn Berry, Goji berry, Lemon, Rock sugar
A delicious and appetizing blend of HOGA Appetizing Indulgence tea makes you crave for more.

How to make a good pot of Indulgence HOGA Tea :
Place 1 sachet of HOGA Indulgence Tea into a Teapot and let it brew for 5-10 minutes.
The same sachet can be used for several times.

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