Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic


Product Description

What am I?

I am an aromatherapy formulation made from the essential oils of lavender, basil, and ginger that soothe your nerves to relieve head ache. I am a potent blend of pure and natural oils that help you relax, destress and freshen up to face the day or sleep peacefully at night.

What’s Special about me?

I am specially curated with essential oils that primarily focus on relaxing and soothing nerves to relieve head ache. I have no side effects and promote the art of healing and holistic treatment of the body the natural way.

How To Use

Apply oil on your head, temple, nose tip and nape of your neck. Close your eyes and hold your head with your fingertips. Apply circular pressure, moving from the forehead to the temple. Repeat several times.

Apply even pressure to the temple and rotate in small, circular movements. Massage your neck and shoulder blades gently.


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– The actual product may vary from the images shown on the website due to regular updates and guidelines.

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