Hand Rolled Bhutanese Riwo Sangchoe Prayer Cone Incense

Product Description

This high quality cone incense is exclusively prepared for a special offering or choed-pa to Zambala, the lord of wealth and prosperity. The composition of Zambala cone incense is based on sacred Buddhist tantric text of (Judey) and it is a blend of Duruka, Pekar, Gabur, Agaru, Juniper, white and red sandalwood, (Dzang Duk, Dri Nga and Rinchen Nge Nga) along with other 48 different types of medicinal herbal ingredients. Offering of this highly valuable cone incense to Lord Zambala with utmost respect and true devotion will bring good luck, happiness and prosperity in day to day life.

No of cone incense: 24 cones
Burns for approx. 30 mins approx.
Size: 2″ H

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