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H2 FAQ Cinnamon

Cinnamon Grade: H2 FAQ 

Our H2 FAQ Cinnamon consists of H2 and Quills Cinnamon. Therefore, this grade has approximately 60% of the less hard portions of Cinnamon H2 grade.

The cinnamon bark is derived from the Cinnamomum Verum tree. Sri Lankan cinnamon sticks, while less common and more expensive, are favored by pastry chefs in Europe for their soft, delicate, and clean cinnamon flavor. The main difference between Ceylon cinnamon quills and Cassia cinnamon sticks is that the Ceylon variety is filled like a fine cigar. The flesh is soft and brittle and easily broken by hand, whereas Cassia cinnamon or Cassia bark is hardier and woodier and does not break easily.

Further, Acril Cinnamon offers Organic (USDA, EU, and JAS) and Non- Organic Cinnamon at the best price in Sri Lanka Also, all our Cinnamon estates are located in the southern area and Sabaragamuwa areas in Sri Lanka.

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