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Green Clover & Aloe Scent

Product Description

You lie in a spring-fresh meadow overlooking a lush valley bathed in full, clear sunlight. The surrounding world buzzes with life and rebirth. Earth’s perfume is that of Green Clover and Aloe scents, with its aromas of bright, green daisy, lemon verbena, fields of clover, and inviting woodsy notes. It’s at once invigorating and calming—as a day spent in nature often is.

PREMIUM FRAGRANCES FOR YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS Green Clover & Aloe is part of the Relaxing & Soothing fragrance family from ScentAir. ScentAir diffusers use patented dry-air fragrance technology to scent YOUR space FOR hours of uninterrupted ambient scenting.

Fragrance Experience         Relaxing & Soothing
Odor Neutralizing                 Yes

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