Facial Scrub

Product Description

The last innovation in facial care, plus the use of Nano Technology, Supaporn Facial Scrub is one of the best herbal face care products available. Nano Technology combined with CO Q10, Supaporn Facial Scrub will remove dead in cell whilst rejuvenating facial skin, without irritating its surface. Experience smooth, radiant, and healthy skin for yourself.

How to use : Apply the mixture of Facial Scrub powder and water on your entire face. Then gently exfoliate it for 5 min. and follow with your normal facial cleaning .

Suggestion :

1. To gain the optimum result , use with a facial care set : Facial Scrub + Face Mask + Milkly Powder
2. Dry Skin : 1-2 times / week. Oily skin : 3-4 times / week.

size 15 g

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