Everyday use – calendula lavender oil salve (60ml)

Product Description

Calendula – lavender salve is a quick absorption moisturizing and softening ointment for dry and cracked skin; suitable for all ages for hand, face & body care, inc babies. This natural product helps to improve scrapes, surface infections and promotes the formation of new skin cells. Lavender adds soothing and antiseptic properties.

Suitable for cold winds and hot sun when skin needs nourishing and protection. It’s strong enough to treat heel cracks, yet so gentle to use as a lip balm. For „one jar“ families, this product is perfect. Apply it on wet skin and you get a cream-like effect, apply it on dry skin, and feel free to go running, swimming, or training in the storm, knowing that your skin will stay as soft as silk.
Calendula- contains lots of antioxidants – carotenoids and flavonoids, and has anti-inflammatory qualities. Carotenoids neutralize free radicals and help keep your skin young-looking, flavonoids protect the skin from damaging environmental conditions and UV radiation. Contains linoleic acid which supports your skin`s ability to retain water and keep itself hydrated. Calendula keeps the microbiome of the skin happy and balanced.

Lavender moisturizes the skin and promotes the formation of new skin cells. Lavender is also used for burns, as it helps reduce skin swelling and irritation. It has soothing and antiseptic properties and can be used to treat insomnia, irritation, bloating, and colic. Lavender relieves headaches caused by stress and tension and can be rubbed directly on the skin (temples). Due to its antiseptic effect, it has also been used in wound cleansing and acne treatment, as lavender has antibacterial activity at higher doses. Lavender essential oils relieve pain in muscles and joints.


  • For dry and cracked lips.
  • Salve can be turned easily into cream, just add a little bit of water or flower water to the salve in your palm.
  • Upgrade any cosmetic product effectiveness by adding a few drops of needed herbal tincture.
    Don’t forget to take the tincture internally as well to boost your immune system.
  • Beauty hack for allergic acne, eczema, and rosacea: take a tablespoonful of apple cider vinegar and mix it with 2 tablespoons of water. Apply the mixture with a cotton pad and keep the pad on the skin for a few minutes. Then apply a tiny amount of calendula – lavender salve. Do this mornings and evenings for 21 days or less if the problem gets solved.

INCI: Calendula*, lavandula angustifolia, shea-butter, avocado butter, grape seed oil, beeswax*.
*Estonian national origin.
Keep in a cool place (less than 22C).

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