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Essential oil Herbal Scalp Spray


Product Description

Standard weight is 150ml but we are giving additional 30ml as sometimes towards the end the spray got stuck due to the thick essential oils inside.

Description: Scalp spray to nourish healthy scalp, stimulate hair follicles, strenghten hair roots, improve cognitive function and memory.

Aromatherapy benefits: Rosemary is a stimulating oil that promote alertness, it is analgesic ie useful for fatigue and stress. also useful for respiratory system.

Ingredients: Water, Rosemary, cedarwood, ylang yalng and clary sage essential oils, Polysorbate 80 and preservative.

Use: Spray on scalp (cleaned scalp) and massage evenly. Apply everyday or 3 times a week.

article on benefit of Rosemary for hair

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