English Lavender- Premium Soy Candles Refreshing Blissful aroma of Lavender

Product Description

Aroma therapy is a very well-known & proven science. Premium Soy candles are mostly used by western people as they know their Effectiveness.

We ourselves have seen the value in it & decided to offer select soothing aromas. We have done it in an eco-friendly, cost-effective way without any compromise in quality.

Do Try our unique Aroma Candles & Feel the Real Difference !!

We have carefully selected the aroma blends which helps to relax & relieve stress & give a positive feel, helps in Meditation as well.

• Our Premium soy candles are made using natural Fragrance oil & Soy Wax .

• Our Premium soy candles Jar can also be a decorative piece. It the perfect addition to your yoga room, bedroom, kitchen counters and anywhere else you want.

• Natural Soy Wax used , is soft ,pure & lead-free cotton wicks being used as its biodegradable and eco-friendly.

• Burn Time: Clean & Long lasting burning of 25-28 hours to bring you maximized relaxation.

• Our Candle is used as a spa candle, relaxation candle, bath candle, yoga candle or even dinner table candle.

Please do provide your valuable feedback which will help us to improve & add further aromas in our product range.

• Floral Seduction.

• English Lavender.

• Divine Oudh .

• Fruity Burgemia

• Blooming buds

• Queen berry

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