DRY (POWDER) EXTRACTS : Dog rose fruit

Product Description

English name :

  • Dog rose fruit

Standardization :

  • DER 4:1, DER 5:1, DER 6:1
  • vitamin C 25%, 50%, 70%
  • polyphenols 2%, 4%, 6%, 8% (UV)

Botanical name :

  • Rosa canina L.

We offer standardized and based on DER extracts for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food and feed industries. We specialize in European-origin (mainly Polish) dried herbs and raw materials, such as Lemon balm, Nettle, Hops, Sage, Horsetail, Thyme, White mulberry, Cistus and many others.

Our extracts can be filtered, condensed and dried according to customers’ requirements. We are able to manufacture botanical extracts in the following forms:

dense / concentrated (soft)
dry (powder)
using different extraction solvents, such as:

vegetable oils

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