Dried rose oil flowers

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Alba grups Ltd is a supplier of dried rose oil flowers form rose Alba and rose Damascena in bulk.

Rose dried flowers are edible and a traditional ingredient in the foods in the Middle East, especially in desserts. In addition to sprinkling rose water on desserts, it is sprinkled on guests as a sign of welcome before the meal.Rose petal jam and cordial are still popular in Europe. Rose hips are a rich source of vitamin C and can be made into a conserve or jam. The petals are then eaten as a candy or used to decorate desserts.

Roses are used for excess menstrual bleeding, digestive problems, gonorrhea, and for liver symptoms. Delicious medicinal preparations can be made from rose petals, including syrup of roses, honey of roses, sugar of roses, rose water, and vinegar of roses. Rose petals have been used for conditions such as fevers, headache, jaundice, joint pain, fainting, weakness, “trembling of the heart,” poor digestion, and infection. Roses are tonic and astringent. They stop bleeding and excessive mucous discharge and ease the discomfort related to bowel disorders and eye complaints. A tea made of rose petals is given to infants for fever. Rose also is used as a gentle laxative and to ease children’s coughs. Dry rose petals are powdered and applied to diaper rash, and rose petal tea is given to the infant orally also to help cure diaper rash. In addition, it is given for infant colic. The petals are used to make a syrup that is used as a laxative and for sore throat and enlarged tonsils, uterine hemorrhage, and cold sores. Dry Rose Petals, manufactured by us, are in high demand as they are totally pure and are dried properly by using suitable techniques.

We use the best seasons Rose Damascena to prepare the Dry Rose Petals. The many uses of rose petals Fresh rose petals steeped in boiling water (to make a tea) have been used to treat the following conditions :

* Constipation

* Sinus Trouble

* Eye Irritations

* The symptoms of Colds and Hay Fever

* The emotional symptoms of PMS and Menopause

* Reducing pitta, heat in the body and problems caused by excess heat.

The Rose Petals offered by us are of high quality, and are widely used as medicinal purpose. We have large number of clients who order Rose Petals for various purpose like making skin products and medicine.

Used In

* Scents

* Skin products

* Tonic


* Cures asthma

* Stabilizes blood pressure

* Treats bronchitis

* Good in curing cough and fever

* Good for digestive system

* Helps to improve sleeps,

* Cures from palpitation

* Treats stress problem

* Remedy for urinary tract infections

We bring forth high quality Dried Rose Petals which are picked only from the fresh rose flowers. Our Dried Rose Petals are dried with the use of modern technology to keep intact all the properties of the petals.

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