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Davana oil

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BRM Essential Oils manufacturer, trader, suppliers, Exporters of Davana oil. CAS NO 8016-03-03(Artemisia pallens). Davana one content available Content 49%, 50%, 56% stocks & 500kgs.

Specifications: Europe Commission, RIFM Synonyms

Davana oil Artemisia pallens Wall.

CAS Number : 8016-03-3
CAS Number 2 : 91844-86-9
Flash Point Celsius : 94
FDA : 172.510
EINECS : 295-155-6
FEMA : 2359
Harmonized System Class : 3301.29
Botanical Latin : Artemisia pallens Wall
CoE : 69

The essential oil of Davana is widely used in food Flavouring and Perfumery Industries. It is extensively used in flavorings of food, liquor and pastry industries besides perfumery.

BRM Essential oils is the only producer and exporter of Davana oil.

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