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Curcuma comosa


Product Description

A tonic herb for women’s health

Curcuma comosa belongs to ginger family (Zingiberaceae), also known as Wan- chuk-mot-luk in Thai, meaning a rhizome that raises the uterus back to its position.
In Thai traditional medicine, Curcuma comosa has a hot odor and taste and is the most used among Thai herbs as a basic ingredient of Thai traditional herbal recipe for women’s health such as tonic herb for women especially those suffering from uterus problems, in order to relieve uterus pain, retain the uterus to its original position and tighten the sagging abdominal surface after childbirth. It also tightens the vagina, normalizes the menstrual cycle, nourishes the uterus and vagina, improves the female libido, moisturizes the vagina and activates vaginal lubrication secretion whilst activating bile secretion, which cures indigestion.

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