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Benzoin Siam Tincture


Product Description

Benzoin Tincture 50% Ethanol:
Appearance: Clear mobile liquid
Colour: brown yellow
Odour: Sweet, Valina aroma
Extraction: Ethanol extraction
Plant Part: Gum
Precautions: Flammable

Benzoin resin (Styrax tonkinensis) is obtained from an evergreen tree in the Styrax genus, found only in Vietnam & Laos. It is tapped from the trunk of the tree through holes in the bark. The hardened gum is stored in ‘tears’ or pressed into blocks.

The crude gum is further refined into resinoid and sometimes, the unrefined gum is used in incense blends. In old herbals, the resin was known as ‘gum benjamin.’ The resin has a balsamic, like vanilla ice cream.

Benzoin resinoid is sometimes used, as a flavoring for food and it is a popular ingredient in perfumery. Benzoin is also the main ingredient in Friar’s balsam, which has been traditionally used as an inhalant and to help cracked sore skin.

The tincture has been traditionally used to protect the skin. A prized 19th century beauty tonic called ‘virgin’s milk’ was made with tincture of benzoin and rose water.

We use tincture of benzoin in those of our products designed to calm and soothe the skin, such as facial cleanser and cream hand and body lotion.

Benzoin is a natural preservative, which makes it a great ingredient for our low-preservative cosmetic formulas.

Because benzoin is a resin, it forms a protective film over the skin, which stops it from losing moisture. This helps protect very dehydrated and mature skins and improves skin condition.

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