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Anti tick & flea Cognac & Honey Amber Pet Collars with Leather Strap

anti tick & flea amber pet collar

Product Description

Baltic amber pet collar made from Cherry, Cognac and Honey raw amber with leather strap.
Leather strap has 5 holes (1,2 cm between each hole).
*Leather strap allows to increase the length of this collar by ~5 cm.

Amber Color: Cherry, Cognac, Honey;

Finish: Raw;

Amber Bead Shape: Chip;

Length: 20cm (7.9 inch), 25cm (9.4 inch), 30cm (11.8 inch), 35cm (13.8 inch), 40cm (15.7 inch), 45cm (17.7 inch), 50cm (19.7 inch), 55cm (21.7 inch), 60cm (23.6 inch) 65cm (25.6 inch).

Custom lengths also available for wholesale customers.

Clasp: Leather Strap;

Wholesale MOQ: 10 Necklaces;

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