HerbaromaTrade was pre-launched on June 11th 2022!

Today we, Herbal Square Ltd. headquartered in Yokohama, Japan, pre-launched “HerbaromaTrade” — online B2B Marketplace dedicated to Herbal and Aromatherapy Products.

In light of growing health consciousness since the early 2000s, the number of people interested in herb and aroma and adopting those products in their meals and lifestyles has been on the rise. In addition, the coronavirus pandemic since 2020 has caused a spike in the number of people with long stay-home hours who want to improve QOL around the world, and the trend is accelerating. Furthermore, the impact of global warming has prompted people around the world to pursue environmentally friendly food, boosting the numbers of vegans and vegetarians and increasing demand for herbs and other plants.

Meanwhile, such market growth is triggering intensified competition for companies selling herbal and aromatherapy products, making it important for them to offer differentiated products to enjoy continued customer support. HerbaromaTrade will contribute to brand differentiation by expanding international business opportunities for suppliers and increasing purchasing options for buyers through the online global B2B marketplace dedicated to herbal and aromatherapy products. By offering this service, HerbaromaTrade aims to globally expand cross-cultural and commercial exchanges of unlimited ways to enjoy herbal and aromatherapy products.

(Key Features of HerbaromaTrade)

  1. Offer of online global B2B marketplace dedicated to herbal and aromatherapy products
  2. Suppliers can showcase their products to global buyers.
  3. Buyers can post requirements for desired products to global suppliers.
  4. Basic function is available for free of charge. Gold membership is eligible for upgraded functions.

Let’s explore NEW Business opportunities with HerbaromaTrade!

URL:  https://herbaroma-trade.com/

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