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Another special combination created both to aid the function of and to reinforce the gastrointestinal system, the liver, gallbladder, kidneys and the bladder. It helps naturally discharge all unwanted waste from the body. Moly Detox can be even more beneficial when combined with the appropriate diet.


Turmeric root has antioxidant action and boosts the liver function.


Dandelion root helps boost the action of the gall bladder and the liver and is extremely beneficial in cases of fluid retention and constipation. It also offers the body not ungenerous amounts of potassium.


Stellaria is one of the multinutritional herbs, containing a variety of useful nutrients for our organism. It was added to our detox mix in order to tone the cleansing of the elimination organs in our body. It has a well known action in aiding several skin disorders or symptoms, that may be present due to the  reduced function of the elimination organs. In small quantities it also benefits digestion.


The adaptogenic action of Schisandra berries in the mixture helps reduce negative effects of stress both to the gastrointestinal and to the nervous systems, as well as strengthening physical and mental endurance. They also help in waste discharge, with particular action on the liver and the small and large intestine.


Finally, stevia has been added in order to balance the bitter taste of some of the herbs in this mixture.


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