Online Promotion Service in Vietnam

The service for Gold membership:

Make a Move to Vietnamese Market

Service Outline

We, HerbaromaTrade, help to introduce Gold member’s products to 8,000+ Vietnamese potential buyers.  If Vietnamese buyers are interested in and have demand for product testing, we can connect Gold member with them after qualifying Vietnamese Buyers’ businesses.

This service would be a great chance for global suppliers who are looking for new business opportunities in Vietnam.

*Our Vietnamese partner, Maap Trade, has the data of Vietnamese buyers, manufacturers, retailers in Beauty, Cosmetics, Food and Beverage industries(at least 8,000 companies) and this data would be used to approach.

Scope of Service / Steps to take

1. We, Herbaromatrade, provide Gold member the document file format to input company / product info.

2. Gold member input the info in English in the document.

3. We translate Gold member’s document in English into Vietnamese.

4. Our Vietnamese partner, Maap Trade, send e-newsletters (about Gold member’s products/ service and free sample) to Vietnamese potential buyers.
(8,000+ emails x 3 times during 6 weeks)

5. If Vietnamese potential buyers agree to receive the samples, Gold member will ship samples directly to potential buyer’s office in Vietnam.

6. After product testing by potential Vietnamese buyer, Gold member can initiate business discussion with them.

*(Caution)Extra fee would be happened when Gold member get a sample request from Vietnamese potential buyer.

USD22 / product per 1 buyer’s sample request
Only charged if there are sample requests from buyers
Ex.: If Gold member advertise 3 products and there are sample request for 2 products, the fee will be USD 44


From Supplier(Gold member)’s location to Buyer’s location (VN) : Supplier’s own expense

Service Usage Rules
1. Gold member can use the service twice a year.
2. You can introduce up to 3 products per the service.
3. You can describe up to 400 words per product / up to 400 words for company introduction.

Terms of use

Refund policy for Gold membership is not applied after completing the translation for the document in English to Vietnamese.

Please feel free to contact us HerbaromaTrade if you have any questions about “Make a Move to Vietnamese Market” .